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**End of the week… yes Open Friday 11 to 1 and 3 to 6!
Saturday 9:30 to 11! I hope it helps!**

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Hope your “Spring” is going well!

It’s so funny how often I have to “get back on track”…It feels like I am off track more than on track!

There is a great story in 7 habits of highly effective families… about the flight of an airplane. According to the story, a plane is constantly being “blown” off path. In fact, it spends very little time on the actual flight path. It is almost always high or low or east or west or north or south but since the pilot knows the direction, it always arrives! I think the secret is to have a destination! Do we clearly know our destination. In a “life scenario” instead of a “plane scenario” maybe a good word is “intention.”

My Intention for my life has key words in it even if it’s a little nebulous… Healthy, Happy, Balance, Service, Being Present,
Longevity, Movement, Peaceful, Relationships, People, Kindness,
Self Development, Flexibility, Coolness (lol), Family should have been earlier, God, (forgot Him again), Learning,

Thinking of a new wellness reminder for the office like…
Did you know plenty of healthy people get adjusted too! or just
Chiropractic is for healthy people too!
or Wellness Chiropractic keeps you healthy!
It’s all part of the the non-fear based, wellness approach that doesn’t have to rely on sickness, illness and disease to keep people well!

So that’s what was on my mind today. See you for your back, spine, nervous system, , state of mind, stress-relieving, life- improving adjustments! Lots of love, and spend a minute thinking what’s my intention for the day, or the weekend, or my life? I think it works!


Quick in flight message… Open Friday 4/14

**I have been away but YES!  I am back!

Open Friday 4/15, from 11 to 1 and 3 to 6!
Open Saturday 4/16! from 9:30 to 12:30!  I hope it helps!**
It was nice! Good weather, good waves, Grace got a surf lesson.  Totally did great!  Alice and I played with a 7 foot board and she got up on her knees a few times.  Fun for us!  Parents are great!  Brother and nieces and little cousins so nice family  base down there!
Sorry for any inconvenience!  I am opening longer on Saturday this week!  I hope it helps!  Come on down!
Dr. Rick
> **Drop-In Hours are
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
11 to 1 and 3 to 6**
Saturdays change each week!  please check back or call for Saturday hours!

Dr. Rick… open Friday and really short Saturday…little vacation

4/8 Open Friday 11 to 1 and 3 to 6!
Open Saturday 8 to 9 am…sorry so short! then to the airport! Visiting Mom and Dad in Florida…**

Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
That is 4/11 thru 4/15…
Reopen Friday 4/16, from 11 to 1 and 3 to 6!
I will open Saturday 4/16!

One of the patients said to me, “Dr. Rick, I have been coming for a couple of years now and I don’t remember you going on vacation.” I explained how I take Thursdays off and do long weekends so I try to stay in balance most of the time. She insisted, “but still- everyone needs to take a vacation!”

There is a statement in chiropractic, ” you never know how far reaching something you may think, say or do, can change the lives of millions tomorrow!” That little statement she made stayed on my mind. You know why? That means I haven’t gone to see my parents in Florida in a while… Mom and Dad are outside Daytona in Ormond. I am taking the little girls for a few days. Funny, Grace isn’t that little, she’s 7th grade. Alice is 3rd grade.

Sorry to be gone and sorry so short and early on Saturday! I have to be in NYC for the plane ride but I know some people can only come on Saturday. Enjoy you week. Come extra if you need it to make up!

Thank you for all.

Dr Rick

Drop-In Hours are
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
11 to 1 and 3 to 6

Saturdays change each week! please check back or call for Saturday hours!

Open Friday, Saturday, Career Day, Making your mark

Normal Hours below…
860 561-LIFE …ChiropracticIs ForEverybody.com
**Open Saturday 4/2!  9:30 to 11!
Then off to a Conard Lacrosse game!**
*Career Day at Charter Oak was Friday morning. Great to be invited and have 5th graders contemplating how they will make their mark on the world.  So great.
So how are we going to make OUR mark on the world?* Maybe you are already doing it…
here’s a couple of my ways…  be a good dad, a good husband, be an example of happiness and healthiness even if illness were to befall me!, teach people that getting adjusted and taking care of the spine is really important, serve mankind in whatever opportunities I am offered, did I say serve others?, and serve others?  and serve others?
That’s a thing in chiropractic… loving service.
So off the soapbox…excuse my attire today.  I tried to dress up for the kids.  I don’t want to confuse anyone so I’ll take my jacket and tie off!  ahahahaha…..
Be happy anyway.

Open Fri, Sat Happy Easter… too many of the same book?

Hi!  Happy Easter.  Hope it’s a little family time or relax time too!

Open Good Friday  11 to 1 and 4 to 6!  Not the usual 3 pm hour… I’ll be in church…
Open Saturday 9:30 to 11.
Happy Easter!  I hope the hours help a little!
I just bought the 7 habits of highly effective people, I think for the 3rd time.  I must have donated my old copies.  I bought the workbook and the one for highly effective families too.  There must be a name for someone like me… overindulgent, or skeptical that just one version of the book could enlighten me enough or intellectually curious?  You noticed I skipped all the words that might make me feel bad about  myself… hahahah…
I know what I am doing this weekend… family, church, basketball games, a little soccer coaching. a little chiropractic, and 7 habits of highly effective people in 3 forms….
Be happy and let me know if you need something special.  Thank you for always sending me people to help.  Amazing of you!

From Dr. Rick.. Not Irish, Not Italian, Open Fri, Open Sat, Closed AM Monday.

Hi! for you quick readers…

I am open Friday normal hours  11 to 1 and 3 to 6, Open Saturday 9:30 to 11.I will close Monday morning for my dear friend, Father Eugene Kilbride’s funeral. 

So… I am not Irish.  That’s what I like about St. Patrick’s Day… the Irish are kind enough to say things like everyone is Irish on St. Paddy’s.  Thanks Irish folks!  I went to school with a lot of Irish Kid’s in grammar school.  I went to college at Fairfield with a bunch of Italian kids from New York and New Jersey.  I am not Italian either but St. Joseph’s Day is tomorrow.  I love those two days!  I had a Bud light from a green can last night after texting some friends to make sure I wouldn’t be at McLadden’s alone!  I will be eating something with red sauce tomorrow.  I have to admit I shamelessly love Italian food.  Any excuse if fine with me!  I have never been told that everyone is Italian on St. Joseph’s day but it doesn’t stop me from pretending!

So I don’t know if I tell the truth.  See I  am 5’10 1/2.  I usually say I am 5’11.  What?!?  Who rounds down?  I am supposed to say I am 5’10?  Would that make me more truthful?  The form doesn’t usually have a space for the 1/2.  What’s a guy to do?  I think it’s a a glass half full or half empty thing.  I think being an optimist is good in chiropractic.  It’s about possibilities and potential.  I think this is honest.  In healthcare often we talk about absolutes and it’s not a slam but not every drug or every procedure or approach is an absolute guarantee.  In fact, in many cases it’s just like chiropractic– first do no harm, then do something to help and then notice if it is helping!  If it helps repeat as often as necessary to stay well!  Right?  Oh ya and be hopeful…it helps not to be negative and angry during your healing.

So… enjoy the day.  Come get adjusted, maybe.

Lots of love… and oh ya… 2300 of you get this.  If maybe just a couple of dozen sent beautiful thoughts to a nice old priest for me, I’d appreciate it.  Lots of love



From Dr Rick…Open Fri, Sat, routines…

Quick version:  Hi!  Open Friday 11 to 1 and 3 to 6; Saturday 9:30 to 11!

Hope you are great!  Come get adjusted!  Some of the “regulars” are due!  We didn’t have too many storms this year but they were all Monday Friday by my recollection.  It’s funny how you throw off your routine and next thing you know you messed up your routine!

Speaking of messing up your routines,  I have had some morning appointments and then next thing you know… no morning routine!   I stink without my workouts and without my morning church routine!


Sometimes you all ask… what do you do on Thursday? Since I take Thursday off…Well at least this Thursday the bathroom got demo’d.  That used to be the jacuzzi  bathtub and steam shower. I found some really cute wall paper above the surround ceiling.  Melanie was great at breaking down things and yanking out the tub!

As you are getting in shape for spring, mentally and physically and emotionally,  here’s another question I get asked a lot.  Should I get adjusted before or after my workout?  Before or after my massage?  It really comes down to preference but I think before.  Why?  Well, the adjustment gets things in alignment so you can exercise on a straight spine.  Would you ride a bike with a crooked steering wheel?  With the massage, most of you really don’t have any trouble getting adjusted.  If you were so stuck that things didn’t move, I could see loosening you up but I like the idea of make the massage therapists job easier.  Funny because they mostly say the opposite!  🙂  Either way, many of these things fit hand in hand.

So enjoy the day and the week and the 70 degrees coming.  Lots of happy to you.

Dr. Rick