Friends of the Practice/ Wellness Products

Friends of the Practice-Links!

Synergy Home Care: While in treatment, especially during a crisis, they can help!
Recovery at home, Synergy at the time of surgery, someone to help!

<a href=”″><b></b></a&gt;

<b>Core Studios</b>

These gals rock! What a great place to get in shape. I think it’s more of a fitness community than a gym. I just love the energy and where these folks hearts and minds are!
<a href=””><b></b></a&gt;

Peter is a friend of the practice who does many creative things including poetry and artwork. Find his work at <a

2-4-1 Sports…Life is too Short for Just One
This is the way to go for healthy bodies and and healthy minds for our kids! <a href=””><b></b&gt;

I love women! Growing up, my mom was my idol. Here’s a local West Hartford site that caters to women, their changes, healthy eating and the clothes they need as they make their health journey! Wellness at it’s best…read the about us section and then check out the blog…great thinking from good people…

<a href=””><b></b></a&gt;

Dragonfly Arts and Wellness Center in Middletown…Remember Courtney? She and a great gal named Amie are here. Take a look:
<a href=””><b></b></a&gt;

<b>Smooth Rhythm Dance Company</b>

Here’s a great new Dance Company in Rocky Hill… Crystal is a great and young and wonderful. If you are looking for a place to take your children for dance instruction, choreography, technique or just fun!

<a href=””><b></b></a&gt;



Here are a few non-chiropractic wellness helpers:

Accelerated Weightloss Cleanse. Ask Dr Rick his Cleansing Story. <a href=””><b></b></a><a
Vital Nutrients Multi Vitamins are the one Dr Rick and his family takes. Ask Dr Rick <a href=””><b></b></a&gt;
follow the tabs for patients, not practitioners, you can create your own user name… password is 15315. That gives you permission to order as one of my patients! yes you can call the office and we’ll do it for you.

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