Happy 4th of July… wearing out the tables…

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Before I forget,  let me wish everybody a happy fourth of July.  We are so lucky to live in a great country like the USA!  So have a safe and happy fourth with family and enjoy your potato salad or macaroni salad– whatever you do at your house!

Many of you know, or have noticed that my chiropractic tables have holes in the table covers.  Much like an old pair of socks or a favorite shirt, they have been slowly wearing out.  When I first noticed this I was slightly embarrassed almost exactly like you feel when someone sees a hole in your sock!  So maybe three months ago I had the girls call the family-owned chiropractic table company out in the Midwest and order some new covers.  They’re not really that expensive or anything like that.  They’re not even difficult to put on although I did have trouble finding the little funny shaped screwdriver that I needed to take the table section off.

Anyway, in the three weeks I waited for those brand-new covers to arrive, I kind of changed my mind.  Instead of being ashamed of the holes in the tables I began to feel proud!  Some of you might’ve heard me saying something like, it should be the goal of all chiropractors to wear out as many chiropractic tables as possible in their lifetime!  I am proud to say this is my third set of table covers on my second set of tables!

When some people first come to the chiropractor they want to call them chiropractic beds.  I quickly teach them they are not beds they are tables.  I don’t know when they became tables because the old chiropractic books called them benches.   Funny story, I adjusted Anna and Melanie, (not my wife), at Sweet Frog in W. Hartford Ctr. last night around 930 while Grace finished her yogurt.   A chiropractor will adjust  you anywhere, on almost anything but they won’t call their table a bed!

I just looked up my numbers over the last 13 years for the heck of it….I  am right around 150,000 adjustments for my chiropractic career…hmmm…  I am not sure what to think of that … 150,000 chances to help people be happy healthy and whole…what an blessing, huh?

So… That’s enough!  Have a great day, a great holiday, and a week filled with life,

Lots of love and appreciation,

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Mon Tue Wed Thu  9 to 12 and 3 to 6.  New people can come anytime but it’s a little better if you call ahead.  So happy to serve your friends and family.  

The Crack Word –

adopted from The Weekly Sticky… a great way to learn about Chiropractic… theweeklysticky.com

The Crack’ Word Destroys Opportunity…

“I used to get bad ear infections. Mommy and Daddy had to bring me to the doctor’s office a lot. They tried everything to help me get better like pills and shots. The last doctor wanted to do surgery on my ears to put tubes in.

Mommy cried when she heard that. Daddy didn’t like the idea of me getting an operation either…but they didn’t know what else to do.”

Words Make a Difference

“Luckily our neighbor told Mommy and Daddy about a new doctor she brings her whole family to… a Chiropractor. But Mommy didn’t know much about Chiropractors. She thought they just ‘cracked’ backs and that idea was scary to her.

But our neighbor told her chiropractors don’t crack you… they do something called an ‘ADJUSTMENT’ and that it was gentle and safe, and that it would help my body heal itself.”

“She also told Mommy how much healthier her kids were because they were getting adjusted. They didn’t get ear infections, allergies or as many colds.

Daddy felt better about ‘ADJUSTMENTS’ after our neighbor explained what they really were and Mommy wasn’t afraid to take me to the chiropractor. So they decided to try it out.”

“I’ve been adjusted a few times by my chiropractor… I love it. Everyone is happy and friendly there, and I see a lot of other kids too. And the best thing of all, my ears feel so much better and I don’t have to get surgery!

I’m happy my neighbor took the time to explain what chiropractors really do to my Mommy and Daddy, and to use the right word… ADJUSTMENT (instead of ‘crack’) so they were not afraid to take me.”

“If you know other Mommies or Daddies who have sick kids, and want them to get better without drugs or surgery, would you tell them about Chiropractic… and make sure you use the right word… ADJUSTMENT so they won’t be scared to take their kids too!”

Telemarketers! Chiropractic’s Birthday! Plus stuff…

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Hours at the bottom of the page!

I will be here tomorrow, Saturday from 8:30 to 9:30. I might be a few minutes late so 8:35 ish? Soccer game at 10 so leaving just around 9:30…

Hi! It’s Friday afternoon and I needed to send you all a note! Hours are at the bottom of the page and I have 2 or 3 things to tell you about!

First of all, I am officially at telemarketer. I called over 2,000 phone numbers yesterday! Were you one of them? Okay, I used a little technology and didn’t wear out my phone or my pointer finger doing it. I also just called to say “hi” and “thanks” and “we are here if you need us.” I left a 30 second message, (32 seconds actually) that tried to say, Thank You for being one of our patients and for those who haven’t been a patient for a long time, we are here if you ever need us! I happened to be here at between 2 and 3 when the calls went out and everyone with a cell phone or who didn’t pick up the call, called back! I couldn’t get to all the phone calls! So sorry for any inconvenience. I received mostly fun and good feedback which was the intention. Let me know if it came across okay.

Secondly, there is a little birthday party here on Monday afternoon. We are will bring some drinks and some cake and cupcakes and maybe a few cookies some streamers and something to hand out to the kids. Come on down and get adjusted because Chiropractic is 117 years old!!!

It is massage Monday too and Ewa will be here, too! Hope you are having a great week. I apologize that you might get another reminder on Monday. Be Great, Be Happy, Get Adjusted! Smile a lot!

Dr Rick

Normal Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday from 11 to 1 and 3 to 6:15! We can take new patients- your friends and family anytime! It may help them a little to call ahead!

Call me Rick- A lesson in Chiropractic…

I have never been Mr. Araya. I went straight from too young to be Mr. Araya to Dr. Rick. I was never really Dr. Araya. It always sounded too formal. So I have been Dr. Rick for about 12 years now. I want you know that I am okay without it; the “doctor” part that is. You are all so nice and will think and say, “but you earned it”, and “it’s respectful” etc. etc.

I am here to say that “Dr. Rick” comes with a price. You see, if I am a “Doctor” then you are a “patient”. If you are a “patient”, then you are sick. I have news for you. I don’t see you as sick. I don’t see you as a “patient”. I see you as a beautiful, healthy, whole, complete and wonderful human being who is lacking nothing. I have nothing to put in you. There is nothing I want to take out of you. I just want to increase the flow of life in your body so you can heal you again and again everyday. I want you to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. I want you to be connected so that healing happens and you reach higher and higher levels of wellness, life and connectedness. This is very far removed from doctors, patients, sickness and disease, so much more concerned with light, life and health.

The title of “Doctor” is very connected with the healthcare system, (that is really a sick care system), that I don’t think the title Doctor should really be connected with the wellness practitioner. Although you may initially come in when you are sick or broken, getting adjusted is not about you being sick or broken. The goal and the focus is always to bring greater balance and connectedness to your being. You are not a piece of meat lying on the table. You are people, not patients. You are men, women and children who come to get adjusted to improve the quality of your life. Your aren’t sick. You are full of life. As the chiropractor in the room, I need to focus on the goal. I need to look at where we are headed. I need to recognize that you have the power within you. I can’t focus on what’s wrong with you. I need to focus on what’s right with you.

I have lots of people telling others that I am a good chiropractor. I know that because I get 20 to 25 new people coming into the office each month because one of my people referred them in. So why would people that come in every week or two for 1, 2 or 9 years, tell someone that I am good if they are still so sick that they need to come every week? It’s because getting adjusted is not about being sick! You don’t get unsick here you get more life here. You get more you here. You get more of what you really want that you didn’t know you didn’t have. Wellness care is about taking care of ourselves when we have symptoms but also when we have no symptoms!

So you are a person not a patient. You are people, I am Rick. I am here to serve you and adjust you. Sometimes I am here to support you or console you or teach you or nudge you or motivate you. Chiropractic is about life -your life, not your sickness. So call me Rick. I won’t think it’s disrespectful, I’ll think it’s very respectful and that you understand. By the way, if you remove all the sickness out of your chiropractic –your kids will better understand why you bring them too.