12/8 Open Friday Closed Saturday December is here!

Normal hours at bottom of page!

Adjustments help modulate holiday stress!!  Open Friday but not Saurday this week!

Hello!  Hope you are great. No Saturday this week!  Breakfast with Santa at church.  If you are in a bind let me know.  I might be able to come by around 11:30.  If someone needs me I’ll send out another email and let the rest of you know.  860 883 9040.  Deal?

Life is fun and busy.  Basketball is here.  I love my new team I met at Charter Oak.  Great girls.  Beautiful school and gym at the new Charter Oak…At the same time, I am getting a guest coaching chance with the CT Attack. Very high level stuff.  Thanks Coach Ulysses.  Great great for me and for Alice because she comes too.

Breakfast with Santa at St Peter Claver is fun.  I get a chance to “manage” a  little restaurant again.  Pancakes and sausage and juice and coffee with a bunch of teenagers serving cooking and cleaning and bussing tables.  Fun times each December.

So enjoy the day and the season and come get adjusted!  Let me know if you need something special.

Dr Rick

Normal hours are 

MWF 10:30  to 1 and 3 to 6

Tue  7:30 to 9 and 3 to 5

Thu 7:30 to 9 am only

Saturdays vary each week and we are usually here!

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