Columbus Day… some combination of somber, grateful and fun…

Hi!    Open today our normal Monday hours!  11 to 1 and 3 to 6!  Tue Wed are normal for us too!  Same hours.

W. Hartford off until Wed, lucky kids! Office is open!

Prayers for lots of things today, West Hartford’s mourning the loss of  a good family man today. Very good guy, great family. -Lots of people facing a tough road because of the hurricane.- Grateful to be okay today.

Alice and I spent 5 hours “camping” in  the back yard yesterday.  Little fire pit.  A tarp.  Started a fire with the steel wool and battery and a few sticks.  Add a lantern, a cup of boiled water for tea and my Alice just kept hugging me and saying “thank you”.  I never found out why but I assume it was good.

My family made it through the hurricane.  Lots of periferal damage to the areas but everyone and their houses basically fine.  They might fall in the ocean trying to drive down the street but other than that!

Okay,  great day… Gratitude…. Thank you for you and all you do for me.  Thank you for all we have … not the stuff… the other stuff.

Dr. Rick

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