Hot is not so bad… Open Sat 9:30 to 11…

In case you need me on Saturday… feel free I will be there 9:30 to 11

Hey just kidding on the title!  … dying over here!  It’s so hot!  Wait that’s not positive and inspiritional… Let’s try again… hot, one huh?  Find plenty of water and be happy anyway!

In case it helps, air conditioner is on at the chiropractor’s… hahahaha

So Melanie and Katia are away!  I have the two younger girls… nice time to connect with them.  Movies, I am thinking Movies,  good air conditioning at the movies!  hahaha

okay enough of that… Open normal hours lately, 11 to 1 and 3 to 6 not thursday thank you for all the referrals!  Lots of new people in June and July… very kind and thank you for always taking up the office.  I am happy to help your friends and family.

So stay cool.  Be happy.  Sorry I haven’t sent you all a note in a bit.

Dr. Rick

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