Happy Fourth! Open Saturday 9:30 to 10:30!

Araya Chiropractic Wellness Center Jun 30, 2016
So hi and happy Fourth of July!  Feeling a little patriotic over here!

I am open Friday normal hours and Saturday morning from 9:30  to 10:30 and then I am off to start the weekend!  I hope it helps!   The office is closed Monday, July 4th of course!  I will leave a phone number on the machine at the office just in case I am in town and someone is not okay… okay?  Four days is a long time to wait for an adjustment if you are not okay.

Thank you for participating in Chiropractic! This time of year always reminds me that we are lucky to be free and happy and free to choose our form of healthcare!  I just looked up… chiropractic is the largest drug free profession but the difference in number is huge… there are currently 905,000 M.D’s in the U.S.  There are maybe 50,000 active chiropractors.   That’s 5.5%!  With those numbers we are lucky that chiropractic is even recognized, paid for, or even licensed.  As a side note, Lousiana was the last state with licensing, in 1972.  That means that up to  1971, it was illegal to adjust people in the whole state!  That means up to that time, chiropractors would get arrested for practicing medicine without a license.  Since 1895, the chiropractors would say, “but where is the medicine?”, how can I be practicing “medicine” when we are a drug free profession?Now maybe you know why I don’t tell you what meds to take, I usually say,  get adjusted, ice in between or if you need the meds we need to send you to your M.D!

So freedom once again isn’t free!  Keep working for those causes and ideals that are meaningful to you!  Thank you again for helping me keep alive one that is important to me.

Lots of free and happy to you and your family.

oh ya and in case you were looking for permission, hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad are considered health food on the Fourth of July, right?

Dr. Rick

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