5/20 Hours, Minions, Field Day, Duffy School

Quick Version:  Open Saturday… 9:30 to 11:30, I hope it helps!  Field Day today, cross your fingers maybe Alice will get a ribbon!  Duffy School!  A sunny day on field day is all you could ask for in 3rd grade.  It also means school ends soon!  Full schedule at the bottom of page.

I hope life is good.  I am happy to sneak over to Duffy today.  Alice is wearing her 2006 Field day shirt!  Funny since she was born in 2007.  Apparently, we have “throw-back” jerseys for elementary field day.  I personally am wearing my Stuart the Minion Shirt today.  He is the one who plays the guitar.  Alice gave it to me for my birthday which currently makes it my favorite.  hahahaha

So enough of the silly!  Enjoy the day.  Do some healthy stuff or healthy eating.  Come get an adjustment when it’s not stressful and bring the kids… Some of the kids need a little adjusting…

While I am thinking about it, we do take a 3 day weekend Memorial Day!  But more on that later.

So be happy…

Dr. Rick



Drop-In Hours are 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
11 to 1 and 3 to 6

Saturdays change each week! Usually, we open 9:30 to 11 but please check back or call for Saturday hours!


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