Happy Birthday, Chiropractic! 134 years old!

On September 17th, 1895…this guy,

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Delivered the 1st Chiropractic Adjustment to this guy:


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The cool story is the 1st guy did exactly what we do:

He listened to the story of the person who needed the adjustment.  It sounded like he needed an adjustment.  Then Dr Palmer explained what he was thinking.  Harvey Lillard, agreed and upon analysis of Mr. Harvey Lillard’s spine, Dr Palmer adjusted the vertebra in question and Viola!  the first adjustment was given.

The story gets better since Harvey was pretty much deaf,  and after 3 adjustments, could hear the “clatter of the wagon in the streets.”   Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks to these two, and 134 years of scraping, clawing and scratching on behalf of a lot of chiropractors in history, we have the right get to get our adjustments!  Yes!  if we want them of course  and no one can stop us!  Yes, they used to try to stop us!

And the adjustments can be just as miraculous now as they were then!  Time has not interfered with the body’s ability to heal!  Read about Harvey Lillard on Wikipedia… it’s pretty close to the way I learned it from the old timers.


So Happy Birthday to you, Chiropractic!  And lucky us!  and as they say…

“and many more!”



12/8 Open Friday Closed Saturday December is here!

Normal hours at bottom of page!

Adjustments help modulate holiday stress!!  Open Friday but not Saurday this week!

Hello!  Hope you are great. No Saturday this week!  Breakfast with Santa at church.  If you are in a bind let me know.  I might be able to come by around 11:30.  If someone needs me I’ll send out another email and let the rest of you know.  860 883 9040.  Deal?

Life is fun and busy.  Basketball is here.  I love my new team I met at Charter Oak.  Great girls.  Beautiful school and gym at the new Charter Oak…At the same time, I am getting a guest coaching chance with the CT Attack. Very high level stuff.  Thanks Coach Ulysses.  Great great for me and for Alice because she comes too.

Breakfast with Santa at St Peter Claver is fun.  I get a chance to “manage” a  little restaurant again.  Pancakes and sausage and juice and coffee with a bunch of teenagers serving cooking and cleaning and bussing tables.  Fun times each December.

So enjoy the day and the season and come get adjusted!  Let me know if you need something special.

Dr Rick

Normal hours are 

MWF 10:30  to 1 and 3 to 6

Tue  7:30 to 9 and 3 to 5

Thu 7:30 to 9 am only

Saturdays vary each week and we are usually here!

Been a while! 5/30/17

Hello!  Wellness Wednesday… sampling some OPC-3 today with your adjustments!  Cerina is here doing free massage from 4 to 6… She has great hands.  She is in the office Thu and Saturday when I am not here!

Cerina is a licenced massage therapist!   Great hands and her number is 870 778 8188.

I hope all is well!  We are good.  Lots of soccer and proms (!!!) and end of school coming now.  I have Katia driving, Grace going to Conard next year and the little one Alice is 9 yrs old!  Katia is going to Spain as a student exchange this summer… unbelievable.

Be amazing… come visit … Dakota is still lying around.

Lots of love,

Dr. Rick!

Normal Hours M, T, W, F  11 to 1 and 3 to 6!  Saturday varies but lots of times it’s 9:30 to 11!  I am in torrington 11 to 1 on Thursday!  just ask!

Chiropractic is unique!

We love meditation, yoga, vitamins, cleanses, green smoothies, massage, walks, physical therapy, church, and anything else you do to be happy healthy and well! Remember though, Chiropractic is unique and special in it’s own way! Nothing else that you do replaces regular Chiropractic Care. For many Chiropractic is their Secret Weapon!


So when choosing your lunch options – keep these foods in mind. Beans – This option also adds fiber, as well as protein and B vitamins to a meal – helping you maintain weight, fight stress and stay energized. Lean meats, and fish – We all know the great benefits of omega-3 rich foods such as salmon and other cold water fish. These omega-3 packed proteins help maintain healthy brain function and boost moods. Other lean meats help build muscles and provide long lasting energy. Greens – Leafy greens such as spinach, kale and collards provide B vitamins that are known for their calming effect. Colorful fruits and veggies – The more colorful the fruit or veggie the more nutrients and antioxidants it packs. And it makes your lunch aesthetically pleasing! The best way to be sure to get what you need in your meal is to make lunch yourself. You will save money by not eating out every day – and you can be sure to have the make-up of a well-balanced meal. Another great tip is to eat with someone. Getting away from your desk and having casual conversation with a friend will also lighten your mood and reduce stress. It provides a needed break in your busy work day!

November Wellness

Feeling Fatigued? With days getting shorter and weather cooling off, many of us find that our afternoon lulls in energy come on even stronger this time of year. Whether you are experiencing the change in seasons where you are or not – we have some tips to help keep your energy up throughout the day. So, before you reach for that afternoon cup of joe or candy bar – take this into consideration: what you eat for lunch can affect your energy levels throughout the day as well as boost your mood! Research shows that eating the right foods such as complex carbohydrates, lean protein, “good” fats, and B vitamins help you produce serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and norepinephrine – just what your body needs to keep you feeling calm, happy and energized!

Columbus Day… some combination of somber, grateful and fun…

Hi!    Open today our normal Monday hours!  11 to 1 and 3 to 6!  Tue Wed are normal for us too!  Same hours.

W. Hartford off until Wed, lucky kids! Office is open!

Prayers for lots of things today, West Hartford’s mourning the loss of  a good family man today. Very good guy, great family. -Lots of people facing a tough road because of the hurricane.- Grateful to be okay today.

Alice and I spent 5 hours “camping” in  the back yard yesterday.  Little fire pit.  A tarp.  Started a fire with the steel wool and battery and a few sticks.  Add a lantern, a cup of boiled water for tea and my Alice just kept hugging me and saying “thank you”.  I never found out why but I assume it was good.

My family made it through the hurricane.  Lots of periferal damage to the areas but everyone and their houses basically fine.  They might fall in the ocean trying to drive down the street but other than that!

Okay,  great day… Gratitude…. Thank you for you and all you do for me.  Thank you for all we have … not the stuff… the other stuff.

Dr. Rick


Saturday of Labor Day…White pants

Open Friday Sep 2… 11 to 1 and 3 to 6
Open Saturday sep 3 from  9 am to 10 am!  1 hour only!
I hope it helps!
Closed Labor Day Monday… Have a glorious labor day!
So enjoy your “No Labor Day!”  to honor are the hardworking American’s who made this country great!
Soccer on Saturday morning so I can only open up  quick!
Lots of happy and healthy,
Dr. Rick
p.s.  Does this mean I have to put away my white pants?

8/5 Dr. Rick… open Fri, Sat…it’s not over until it’s over…

Hi… Open Saturday…9:30 to 11… hope it helps… Normal hours are M, T, W, F  11 to 1 and 3 to 6!

As far as whether or not summer is over…

It’s not over until the fat lady sings! Classic Opera (I think)

It’s not over until it’s over!  Yogi Berra

Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened… Dr. Suess

The greatest weapon we have against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another... William James….


So no…. not over… I don’t even contemplate “over” until labor day… then it can be a little over… hahahaha… Enjoy the summer time!  Come get adjusted!

Dr. Rick

Hot is not so bad… Open Sat 9:30 to 11…

In case you need me on Saturday… feel free I will be there 9:30 to 11

Hey just kidding on the title!  … dying over here!  It’s so hot!  Wait that’s not positive and inspiritional… Let’s try again… hot, one huh?  Find plenty of water and be happy anyway!

In case it helps, air conditioner is on at the chiropractor’s… hahahaha

So Melanie and Katia are away!  I have the two younger girls… nice time to connect with them.  Movies, I am thinking Movies,  good air conditioning at the movies!  hahaha

okay enough of that… Open normal hours lately, 11 to 1 and 3 to 6 not thursday thank you for all the referrals!  Lots of new people in June and July… very kind and thank you for always taking up the office.  I am happy to help your friends and family.

So stay cool.  Be happy.  Sorry I haven’t sent you all a note in a bit.

Dr. Rick